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Obtaining publication quality reproductions of photographs from the La Guardia and Wagner Archives’ Collections.

Photographic images within the La Guardia and Wagner Archives Website's New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Photograph Collection are owned by NYCHA.Researchers will need the permission of NYCHA to reproduce any NYCHA Collection image(s).
To obtain this permission, researchers must contact the Department of Communications, specifically, Ms. Millie Molina, Senior Manager for Events and Communication Services .
Researchers must provide her with the precise photographs wanted, according to La Guardia and Wagner Archives Photograph ID#. Researchers must also provide an explanation of the intended use of the images.

The Archivist at the La Guardia and Wagner Archives must be in receipt of NYCHA’s approved permission to use any images (either by NYCHA’s cc'd e-mail, or the researcher forwarding the Archivist their e-mail showing NYCHA approval), before La Guardia and Wagner Archives can release any NYCHA reproductions for use to researchers.

For all other Photograph Collections, the Archivist will let the researcher know if La Guardia and Wagner Archives holds the copyright. If so, there will be a Use Fee (see link for Use Fee Schedule below).If another institution/person holds the copyright, the Archivist will provide as much contact information as is available, so that researchers can contact them for permission for use, and pay any fees they may charge.

The Archives must be in receipt of payment for any reproductions, before they may be released for use.



* Required Field

If you have not already done so, conduct a search of the Archives’ Website (Basic Search, or Collections Search, or Advanced Search options) to determine which specific photograph image(s), by La Guardia and Wagner Archives Photograph ID# (i.e., 08.001.XXXX), you wish to obtain Reproductions of/permission for Use. If you have already conducted a search, the Collection/Photograph ID#’s will appear below automatically.

Researcher Information
Full Name


Order Specifications

Once received, your order will be confirmed by the Archivist. The Archivist will send, by e-mail, an invoice for the amount due, which will include all available copyright information.

The Archivist will also send a partially completed Archives’ Application to Publish/Exhibit Form. Researchers will need to complete the Intended Use portion, sign the form and return it to the Archivist (either by scanning the completed and signed form and returning it by e-mail or by sending the completed and signed form by regular mail).

Expected Delivery Time: Depending upon the volume for a given order, expect about a 1 week delivery.

LaGuardia and Wagner Archives,
LaGuardia Community College/CUNY
31-10 Thomson Ave., Room E-238
Long Island City, NY 11101
Attention: Archivist/Douglas Di Carlo

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