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Mayor Edward I. Koch Remembered
Mayor Edward I. Koch's Funeral Service
In the event that you were unable to attend or view Mayor Koch’s funeral service earlier this week, we thought you might welcome the opportunity to view the service in its entirety. Ed requested that the service be short (yes, even his!) so it is just over an hour. We will always be grateful to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, our own First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris and her Chief of Staff Nanette Smith, another Koch alum, for all they did to ensure a fitting farewell. ...
Ed Koch, 1924-2013
The Weekly Standard
That does not mean that Bloomberg is a bad mayor, only that he and others who took over city hall after Koch's third term failed to reflect New York's boisterous energy, its chutzpah, its special sense of humor, its grittiness, its optimism, its view ...
The Weekly Standard
Ed Koch's First Chef
Huffington Post
When I was 24 years old, I moved into Gracie Mansion to live with Ed Koch. The year was 1977 and my boss-to-be had just become the Mayor of New York City. Previously, I had done a cooking stint with former Mayor Robert Wagner at his law firm and it was ...

Huffington Post
The Ed Koch years in the Bronx - 'Cut and Run in the Bronx' by John Liam Shea
The book is a very interesting (not to mention very funny) read, particularly this past week, with the passing of three-time New York City Mayor Ed Koch. Without question, Koch was a dominant figure in 20th century New York City history. Not only that ...
Thousands attend service for former Mayor Ed Koch
Amsterdam News
Temple Emanu-El on Fifth Avenue is the largest synagogue in the world, and it needed practically every one of its 2,500 seats to accommodate the crowd attending the funeral services of former Mayor Ed Koch on Monday morning. Koch, who served three ...
A Poem for a Good Neighbor, Ed Koch
New York Times (blog)
City Room - Blogging From the Five Boroughs · Metropolitan Diary February 8, 2013, 8:30 am. A Poem for a Good Neighbor, Ed Koch. By HEATHER S.J. STELIGA. Chang W. Lee/The New York Times. Metropolitan Diary · More Reader Tales From the City » ...

New York Times (blog)
Queens remembers Mayor Ed Koch
Queens Campaigner
Thousands of mourners attended the funeral of late Mayor Ed Koch last week as the outspoken and charismatic lawmaker was remembered in Queens with both fondness and sadness following his death at age 88. Koch, who served as mayor from 1978-89, ...
Farewell to the cheerleader
The Economist
Thank you God',” said Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York, at the start of Neil Barsky's documentary about him. By the time he died on February 1st, on the day the documentary came out, Mr Koch was as much a New York icon as that skyline he looked ...

The Economist
How John Catsimatidis Bid Farewell to Ed Koch
Readers of Wednesday's New York Post may have noticed a full-page tribute to the late former Mayor Ed Koch signed by Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis and his wife, Margo. When Politicker called Mr. Catsimatidis to ask about the ad this ...

Recalling Ed Koch, New York's Favorite (Off-Color) Yiddish-Speaking Mayor
Jewish Daily Forward
A chilly rain was no obstacle for the crowd that poured into the Museum of Modern Art on January 29 for a sneak-preview screening of Neil Barsky's cleverly crafted documentary about former New York City mayor Edward Koch, who died of congestive heart ...

Jewish Daily Forward
I knew Ed Koch before he became Ed Koch
The Villager
BY CAROL GREITZER | Knowing Ed Koch for well more than 50 years guarantees lots of memories — some good, some not so good — some surprising — some amusing. But as I listened or read about people's recollections, I realized that these were mostly ...

The Villager
Ed Koch, Village pol who became mayor, dies at 88; A liberal turned centrist
The Villager
Ed Koch's casket was borne out of Temple Emanu-El on Monday to the jaunty strains of “New York, New York” on the synagogue's organ and a standing ovation by the 2,000 people in attendance. It certainly was a fitting tune for the colorful, larger-than ...

The Villager
Ed Koch, FDR, and the Holocaust
The Jewish Press
“Mayor Koch last night took on the ghost of President Franklin D. Roosevelt,” an item in the New York Daily News in 1988 began, which probably surprised no one, since Ed Koch had spent a lifetime taking on everybody who deserved to be taken on, whether ...
Ed Koch and the Jewish underground
Jerusalem Post
Much has been said and written about Ed Koch since his recent passing, but one aspect of his life that has eluded the commentators is his little-known role in educating American Jews about the role of Menachem Begin and the Irgun Zva'i Leumi in ...
Ed Koch, former NYC mayor, remembered in Queens
Queens Chronicle
Tributes poured in last Friday for Ed Koch, the three-term mayor who personified New York City from 1978 through 1989, and who died early that morning at age 88. They came unsolicited from elected officials across the city, and were echoed on the ...
City Hall to silver screen: The filmic life of Ed Koch
The Villager
Each of these gentlemen, tall, gracious, idealistic Lindsay, certified WASP, and tall, gabby, balding Ed Koch, certified Hebe, repeatedly — and often at the same moment — found their way up a narrow flight of stairs to the rattletrap, floor-through ...
Ed Koch Eulogized as Friend of Israel, Jewish People
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
Ed Koch was remembered as a friend of Israel and the Jewish people by a cast of political luminaries at the former New York City mayor's funeral. At a service that filled the cavernous sanctuary of Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan — the crowd included ...
Ed Koch in Paris
Huffington Post
Jacques Chirac was elected mayor of Paris in 1977; Edward Koch was elected mayor of New York in 1978. The two were destined to meet just a few years later when Koch made a week-long visit to Paris -- specifically, to find out how another great ...
Thousands Pay Final Tribute To Ed Koch, Colorful Mayor And Champion Of Israel
The Jewish Press
One of the proudest moments of Ed Koch's life came during a trip to Israel in 1990, in the midst of the first Palestinian intifada. Koch had recently left City Hall after 12 years as mayor of New York City and was touring Jerusalem when a Palestinian ...
The Ed Koch I Knew
National Catholic Register
One of the first persons I got to know was Ed Koch. The former mayor of New York City was now doing radio and TV, writing columns, giving speeches and practicing law. Ed and I met regularly on a local TV debate show, Street Talk New York. I was a guest ...
Ed Koch: Master of Real Estate
Commercial Observer
A big part of why the city is what it is today, is as strong as it is, as bold as it is and as attractive as it is, can be chalked up to Ed Koch. Last week the mayor passed away, presenting an opportunity to reflect on a man who laid some important ...

Commercial Observer
Mayor Ed Koch and the Pro-Life Witness
National Right to Life News
New York City's iconic former Mayor Ed Koch died early this morning from congestive heart failure. Many things came to mind as I thought about the ebullient Jewish politician, who described himself as a “liberal with sanity.” But one anecdote sticks ...

National Right to Life News
In Post-City Hall Life, Koch 'Redefined' Jewish Leadership
The Jewish Week
Ed Koch was unique” in this regard, Rapfogel said, adding that no individual of recent generations has approached Koch's role. A master at gaining — usually favorable — press, Mr. Koch was in the end his own strongest competition for headlines ...
Donald Trump, Ed Koch, and the Ice Skating Rink: A Tale of Bureaucracy
Acton Institute (blog)
James Q. Wilson's terrific book Bureaucracy has an interesting story about Donald Trump and New York mayor Ed Koch. The year was 1986. The city of New York had spent six years and $13 million failing to build an ice skating rink in Central Park. In ...
Thousands Honor Legendary NYC Mayor Ed Koch at Funeral
The Jewish Voice
Coffin of NYC Mayor Ed Koch being carried by police pallbearers Strains of Frank Sinatra's famed song, “New York, New York,” rang throughout the synagogue as “Hizzoner's” coffin was carried past the sea of humanity who came to pay their respects.
Bill Clinton to speak at Ed Koch's funeral in NYC
NEW YORK (AP) — Ed Koch is being remembered as the quintessential New Yorker — an admired but tough, colorful former mayor who will be honored at his ...
How I Ended Up Living in Ed Koch's Famous Greenwich Village Apartment
The Atlantic
Among the many articles about former New York Mayor Ed Koch, who died on February 1, almost all mentioned his rent-controlled apartment in Greenwich Village. Few noted that NYU owned the building. Several readers of my blog, knowing that I have lived ...

The Atlantic
Thoughts From Koch on a 'Fool and a Simpleton'
New York Times (blog)
Just when you thought you had heard the last from Edward I. Koch, there's more. Additional interviews released by the LaGuardia Community College archives, some conducted as recently as a few months ago, reveal candid recollections by Mr. Koch and his ...

New York Times (blog)
My ( Brief ) Encounters with Dikembe Mutombo And The Late Mayor Ed Koch
Utica Observer Dispatch (blog)
Mayor Ed Koch, who passed recently, is my all-time favorite elected official. The man had chutzpah. He told it like it is. The three-time NYC mayor was always entertaining. During my senior year at Herkimer County Community College, duriung Koch's ...
Food Politics » My small share of Ed Koch's legacy: an apartment in ...
By Marion
Among the many articles about former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who died on February 1, almost all mentioned his rent-controlled apartment in Greenwich Village. Few noted that NYU owned its building. Several readers of this blog, ...
Food Politics
Koch's color, complexities laid out in new documentary
The Villager
Speaking of the Deity: At the top of the film we hear Ed Koch (mayor, 1978-1989) surveying this unmanageable city — blackouts, looters, transit strikes, crumbled housing, no housing, traffic jams, labor relations, race relations, strikes, Son of Sam ...

The Villager
A Tribute to the Legacy of Mayor Edward I. Koch
A brief video honoring the legacy of Mayor Edward I. Koch created for Mayor Bloomberg's 12th and final State of the City address. The video is a montage of clips of Mayor Koch, set to Simon and Garfunkel's "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy).