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DBQ Curricula on New York City and U.S. History

Below is a list of documents and resources from the La Guardia and Wagner Archives collections. They are designed as Document Based Questions to be used in the classroom. Even though they are listed as grade specific, often the resources are useful for any grade or college level course with some input from the instructor.

  • A Nation of Immigrants
  • Voting Rights and Citizenship Curriculum
  • Women's Leadership Curriculum
  • Let Freedom Ring Curriculum
  • Water: An Underground History of New York
  • The Erie Canal: New York’s Water Highway
  • Tracks and Tunnels: The New York City Subway System
  • City Government and You: Voting Rights and Citizenship
  • Hudson Fulton Celebration
  • Local Laws for Bicycles in New York City
  • A City of Immigrants
  • A History of La Guardia Airport
  • Keeping New York City's Streets Clean Since the 1800s
  • Who Was Fiorello H. La Guardia?
  • Be A History Detective: Investigating Illness in New York City, 1880-1920
  • Homes for the People: The New York Public Housing Challenge
  • Learning About Queens History
  • Steinway: A New York Story Immigration-Family-Neighborhood
  • What Was It Like? Being a New York City Child, 1944-1954
  • You and Your Health: Public Health in New York City
  • Discovering America: Robert F. Wagner and His Family's Immigrant Journey
  • Living Together, Queens, An International Borough
  • The Making of a Steinway: Building Pianos in New York City
  • 1939-1940 World's Fair